Casey Wright, now 19 years old, has fought cancer since he was a baby. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 6 months old, had two courses of chemotherapy and 4 surgeries before he was 5. The tumour has caused blindness in one eye, short stature, and various endocrine challenges. The chemotherapy shrank and stabilized the tumour until January of 2012 when the vision in the sighted eye began to be affected. Major surgery to remove the tumour was performed on February 1st, 2013 (his 9th surgery). 10 days later, while recovering at home, Casey suffereda massive stroke and which paralyzed his entire right side and left him without the ability to speak. He was rushed to Children’s Hospital for surgery again, and spent another 2 weeks in the Intensive Care ward. Following that, he was transferred to Sunnyhill Health Centre for 3 months of rehabilitation. Then began further outpatient physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. These continue to this day. Despite his health challenges, Casey has remained brave and positive, and has been an inspiration to many. He has been a spokesperson for the campaign to raise money for a new Children's Hospital through his involvement with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation; been a member of the Cops for Cancer Junior Team for many years, has been active with the Sunshine Dreams for Kids - including CoHosting the annual Christmas Party for the past 6 years. He is involved in the Michael Cuccione Foundation. Impressively, Casey is the only civilian in Canada to hold the rank of Honorary Staff Sargeant Major in the RCMP, an award bestowed on him by the Commissioner of the RCMP. As such, he started off the RCMP Musical Ride in Burnaby in August 2013.Casey has taken part in fund-raising initiatives and events for many businesses and community organizations over the years. He has spoken publicly at Galas, businesses, schools and the Children’s Hospital Telethon; and has been the subject of several Global News stories over the years.

Click for Casey's recent videos

These videos are from the early years with Casey and family.

Casey the day before his brain surgery in 2013

Casey the day after brain surgery

Casey on BC Global TV 2-5-2013

Casey being moved from BC Children's hospital to Sunny Hill Rehab centre

BC Global TV Chris Gailus visits Casey at Sunny Hill

Casey early years

  • Passing the time in Hospital
  • Casey getting a needle poke

Casey Mid Years

  • Casey with Staff Sgt Major John Buis, RCMP
  • Casey Wright with Staff Sgt Major John Buis
  • Zacary, Casey and Jemma performing for the BC Children's Hospital Crystal Ball
  • Casey performing for the BC Children's Hospital Crystal Ball
  • Casey and Zacary performing for the BC Children's Hospital Crystal Ball
  • Casey being interviewed at the BC Place Monster Truck Show
  • Casey Wright with RCMP members at the Musical Ride
  • Casey at BC Children's Hospital Crystal Ball with Jill Krop and Chris Gailus
  • Casey at the RCMP Musical Ride
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